Born to Win
2019-12-01 02:58

slipping through my fingers :from a girl, become a mum.

A winners timing is right,Winners respond appropriately to the siatuation.Their response are related to the message sent and preserve the

dancing queen:Be yourself,no matter how old r u.

"Each human being is born as something new,something that never exist before.Each is born with the capacity to win at life.Each person has a unique way of seeing,hearing,touching,tasting and thinking.Each has his or her unique potentials-capanilities and limitations.Each can be a siginificant,thingking,aware and creative being-a pruductive person,a winner."

全盘没悟出,自身听ABBA的第意气风发首歌,竟然不是《winner take it all》,而是《I have a dream》,包涵这首在内,其实听过繁多,都以翻唱版本,可以预知其受迎接程度。

Winners do not play "helpless",nor do they play the blaming game,Instead, they asuume responsibility for their own lives.They don't give others a false authority over them.Winners are their own bosses and know it.

To us,a winner is one who reponds authentically by being credible,trustworthy,responsive,and geniune,both as an individul and as a member of a society.

winner take it all:be in love, and be loved, without regret.

Winners are not afraid to do their own thinking or to use their own knowledge.They can seperate facts from opinions and don't pretend to have all the answers.They listen to others,evalaute what they say,but come to their own conclusions.Although winners can admire and respect other people,they are not totally defined,demolished,bound,or awed by them.