HFU & Volkswagen Group China to Cobuild Volkswagen College


On June 15th, Ms. Wu Chunmei, HFU President, has a meeting with Lou Yi, head of Volkswagen College of Volkswagen Group China (VGC), over the construction of Volkswagen College in HFU, together with Mr. Wang Zijun, Director of the Administration Bureau of Pilot Free Trade Zone of Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Wu Chunmei first extends a warm welcome to the guests. She points out that HFU attaches great importance to the cooperation with VGC to co-build the Volkswagen College for expanding the talent training and cooperation with Germany; on the other hand, HFU will integrate resources to develop courses and industry-university-research cooperation jointly with VGC, as well as provide talent support for the settlement of VGC in Hefei.

At the meeting, Lou Yi introduces their current cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the six tasks to be implemented in co-building the Volkswagen College. She talks highly of HFUs devotion to the tasks and VGC will coordinate to promote the work by following the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

Wang Zijun says that Hefei Pilot Free Trade Zone will provide full backing for the school-enterprise cooperation and integration projects.

At the end of the meeting, the three parties conclude with the decision of further communication and cooperation.


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