Lan Minghao Books a Ticket to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics


On the night of March 23, Chinese Men's Epee Team beats Russia 45-39 to win a bronze medal in the 2021 Kazan Epee World Cup, following a tense qualification playoff for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Lan Minghao, a key member of the Epee Team, is a student majoring in International Trade and Economics in HFU.

On the same day, the official blog of Chinese Fencing Association forwards a microblog of Chinese Men's and Women's Epee Team, which reads: Five years ago, no one thought highly of Chinese Men's Epee Team ranking 23rd in the world then. Meanwhile, no one imagined that we could finally get the tickets to this summer's Tokyo Olympics, but we had faith in ourselves.

Chinese Mens Epee Team not only wins the Olympic qualification, but also obtains three individual tickets, including one for Lan Minghao, to compete for medals in the Tokyo Olympics.

Born in Hefei in 1996, Lan Minghao started fencing in 2006 and won the championship of Men's Epee Individual in the First National Youth Games in 2015. Soon after that, his epee career gets advanced rapidly.

As a key member of Chinas Mens Epee Team, Lan says he has achieved his first goal of getting the ticket for the Tokyo Olympics, but claiming a gold is what to do four months later. There will be many strong rivals, but I will stay calm when fighting for each victory. Lan believes that he has gained much experience in fencing through years of arduous training. I feel that there is still scope for my improvement, he remarks.


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